Dceco Rush Decoarative Tape Christmas Edition 3 Design per pack Refillable 6mm X 6m

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Deco Rush is a decoration tape used to decorate any paper/letter; to add colour and make it look pretty. It's a great alternative to washi tape.

  • Size: 6mm X 6M
  • 2 Refill and 1 case
  • Materials : Recycled Plastic (Main Casing : Recycled Polystyrene (PS) )
    External Dimensions : W25.5×D21×H116mm
  • Deco Rush holder can be used compatibly with any correction tape refill for Whiper Rush. You can use the same holder with either the decoration or correction tape. Any of the Deco Rush refills (of all patterns) can be used compatibly with any Deco Rush holder.
  • Overwriting on tape is not possible.
  • Christmas Edition
  • Packaging size: 13.5L X 3W X 23.5H