Plus Camouflage Stamp 24mm Self Inking Stamp

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  • Helps prevent identity theft by permanently blocking out addresses, account numbers etc. so junk mail can be recycled instead of shredded
  • Encrypted pattern in combination with oil based ink penetrates non-glossy papers so personal information cannot be seen at the front or back 
  • Stamping creates less mess and less noise
  • Great alternative to a shredder for protecting your private information before disposing your documents.
  • Stamped documents are easy to recycle.
  • Stamping creates less mess and less noise.
  • Stamping is safe for children. Shredder can be dangerous.
  • Stamping doesn’t require the space or electricity that a shredder does
  • Ink color: Black
  • Packaging size in cm: 10.5L X 5.5W X 10.5H


Not recommended for use on the following materials;

Coated paper, glossy paper, photo paper, plastic sheet, sulfate paper, paper with rough texture or that easily absorbs ink